Start Preparing For Your Later Years With Strength Training

By the time the 21st Century arrived much of the physical demands of daily life had been replaced by automation. Life today sees many of us ‘sitting’ and hardly moving for long stints during the day, every day. Our bodies pay the price: the stiffness of joints, the weakening of muscles and a decline in our energy levels. We often blame all of this on the aging process but instead these changes are a direct effect of inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle.

If you want to get old far quicker than you need to just do nothing and accept the decline of your body and your mind. But why would anyone want this? Surely it would be a far better option to have some control about how quickly we age and to reduce our chance of getting some dreaded life threatening disease or illness.

Have you thought about what sort of shape you will be in when you get past 40 or 50 or more years? If it is of importance to you and if you could discover a way to slow the aging process and squeeze many more good years out of your lifespan would you be interested?

How you will spend the last 10-20 years of your life is determined by the choices you have made for your health and fitness over the years and decades. If you have left it up to chance there is a high possibility of being robbed of your health and mobility and therefore your independence which will make your latter years not so much fun at all.

Once we get past our mid 20’s our body starts the long and gradual degenerative process. The greatest change that occurs is the loss of muscle tissue of between 300-500 grams per year. This loss mainly goes unnoticed as the body tends to pad the areas with fat which masks the muscle loss. The end result of this muscle meltdown is premature and accelerated aging which shows in a variety of symptoms.

If you suffer from a growing waistline, declining strength and fitness, lack of energy, decreased brain power and feeling old and tired long before your time you could well be suffering from this condition. The strength of your muscles is the most important health related element of physical fitness as you get older so the solution is easy. Restoring strength is paramount to reversing these devastating consequences of the lack of physical activity in our lives.

The verdict is in, and has been for a long time as research has shown over and over again that people who participate in strength training exercise enjoy a cascade of health benefits. When we take action and restore muscle tone and strength fatigue melts away as our energy level increases. As muscle and bone take up their support positions, the strain on the rest of the systems of the body is decreased. Energy formerly used to simply maintain your body is now available to use in daily activities and hopefully have some left over to enjoy recreational activities.

You can look better, feel better, function better and be more energetic through strength training adding years of quality living to your life. If you want to successfully control the aging process (and you can), having an exercise plan that includes a daily “do or die” regimen is vital. It must also be automatic as discussion with yourself about “should I or shouldn’t I do it today, or “do I have time today” isn’t allowed it is simply a not-negotiable option. You just do it.

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