Picking The Right Diet That Will Help You Lose Weight

There are way too many diets out there. Unfortunately, not even the medical community can reach a consensus on the best one. So how are you going to?

Finding the right diet can be harder than finding a needle in a hay field.

Thus, here are some things to look out for when picking the right diet for you:

1. Caloric intake. If the diet requires an extremely low caloric intake, then do not do it. How low: anything below 1200 calories and you are looking for trouble.

2. Sufficient carb intake. Your body and brain needs a bare minimum amount of carbohydrates for proper functioning. Less than about one hundred grams per day and you will lose calorie-burning muscle in addition to low levels of focus.

3. Balance across different food groups. Why is balance important? Because you can actually increase energy levels while restricting calories if you have enough nutrient density in your diet. So do not miss out on the health and energy benefits of eating a wide variety of foods.

4. Enough variety to appease your palate. Any plan you decide to do should allow just enough variety to keep you from feeling like a prisoner of food. Having said that, do not go overboard here because you will not be able to automate your cooking.

5. Cross promotions. If the plan you are looking at actively promotes products from which the author is affiliated, then the information is likely going to be skewed. Seek out unbiased plans that are based on research, not marketing.

6. Wonder pills. Some diets out there are based on a single supplement. Such approaches are fatally flawed and will have you spinning your wheels. So please stay away from supplement centric diets.

Wading through all the different diets out there can be very overwhelming. And trying to figure out which ones are based on solid science can be virtually impossible for the average consumer. So follow my tips so that you can make an informed decision.

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