Need a Jump Start for Your Fitness Program? Consider a Fitness Vacation

Have you gotten off track with your fitness program due to the demands of work and family? Do you feel ten years older than you actual age due inactivity, poor eating habits, and you just don’t know how to get on course again? Are you working hard in the gym with little results to show for your efforts? If this sounds like you, then a fitness vacation may be a great fit for you.

Fitness vacations are quickly becoming a a popular means for implementing this type of lifestyle change. Many of the retreats are held at luxury resorts and while they provide the boot camp workout it does not have boot camp living quarters or boot camp style instructors. After all, it’s a vacation and I think we all expect a little comfort on our vacations. Fitness retreat vacations provide the programs to not only get you back into good exercise habits but also help you learn good nutritional habits while having fun. Many of them incorporate nutritional classes and groups meals as part of the program. This helps participants learn nutritional decision making skills that they can use on an ongoing basis in cooking at home and/or making selections when dining out.

Many of the retreats provide all-inclusive pricing that includes hotel accommodations, all meals and snacks, massage and a wide array of fitness activities that are intensive, fun workouts. Retreats may include activities such as beach boot camps, kayaking, biking, personal training sessions, strength training, yoga, hiking, core conditioning, and pilates.

It is a well known fact that more and more people are turning to fitness boot camp workouts to get the results they want and as a fun alternative to a gym workout. Fitness boot camps give participants the enjoyment of being outdoors, an intensive, diverse workout, and more importantly, the results that come with a workout of this level; reduction of body fat, improved muscle mass and weight loss and/or better weight management.

During the fitness retreats participants are empowered to continue on a healthy path as they are provided with the tools required to continue to get results. The best retreat programs and those that train with an environment of encouragement, positive motivation and teamwork. Most people respond better to this environment versus barking boot camp type environment and we recommend you inquire about training methods as you evaluate your fitness retreat options. Fitness retreats are a great way to breathe new life into your exercise program and will help you feel healthier and refreshed as you return to your daily life.

Maria Walker is the founder of Getway Fitness Inc., a destination fitness retreat held at luxury resorts in and outside the U.S. To learn more about our fun fitness retreats and and obtain information on our Fit After Forty Retreat visit us at Getaway Fitness Retreats

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