Healthy Food for Healthy Body and Healthy Home

The very title of this article quite nicely and easily explains the importance of eating healthy and nutritious food, day-in and day-out.

Nutrition vis-a-vis Society

Let’s check out some facts about Nutrition vis-a-vis society:

1. If you are an athlete, nutritious food will offer you two advantages: better performance and better protection to your body.

2. Lack of healthy meal plans can lead to not only obesity but also food insecurity and hunger pangs too.

3. Health and nutrition directly affect environmental security and also human development.

4. It has been reported that Nutritional deficiency over a period of time is three times more likely to cause child deaths than food scarcity. This is a hidden truth that is not widely known.

And these are precisely the reason why this site is exclusively devoted to offering you the best healthy recipe cookbook containing the most nutritious recipes for your meal plans.

Our Recipes

Our easy home cooking recipes are not only nutritious but lip-smacking as well. We offer recipes on Cookies, Desserts, Ice-Creams, Fruit Juices, Soups, Smoothies, Salads, Breakfasts, Snacks, Dinners, Lunches…you name it and we have it. Just follow the easy instructions to whip up the dish of your choice.

In fact, our easy cooking recipes contain food recipes from cultures around the world: Chinese, Thai, British, American, Italian, Indian, Sri Lankan, Mexican, Turkish, etc.
We also offer the best recipe tips on all kinds of delicious dishes, for vegans and non-vegans as well.

Know the ‘Bad’ to Appreciate the ‘Good’

Do you know the difference between non-nutritious food and nutritious food?

The difference lies in the ingredients that are usually available in the non-nutritious food – but not in nutritious food. These ingredients are: chemical additives, too much of salt & sugar, food colours, artificial chemical sweeteners (aspartame, agave nectar), saturated oil, trans fats (which can boost your levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol and decrease “good” HDL cholesterol), glutamates (to mimic MSG), unhealthy chemicals, refined grains (devoid of any nutrition), corn syrup, and many more…

Nutritious food either contains very little or none of these items. Of course, you must expect some pinch of salt & sugar in our recipes, but that’s nothing in comparison to what you will get in processed foods, for example.
Nutritious food contains all the natural nutrients. And that is precisely what each of our recipe book contains.


Our site stocks the best healthy recipe cookbooks you can ever find in the Internet. They offer numerous delectable dishes for all kinds of taste. You will get enough ideas to ensure a healthy, balanced diet for yourself and family. is an online recipe provider website where you can also add your own recipes and sign up for weekly recipes. For more information about Best healthy recipe cookbooks OR please visit us.

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